I'm fortunate to have had a varied career across a number of sectors - what Charles Handy in his excellent predictive book The Empty Raincoat called a 'portfolio career'. I started off in academic research in the natural sciences doing a PhD in Organic Chemistry then stayed in research and development with a number of international organisations such as Shell, ICI and Schering. I moved into management consulting with a Washington DC-based group and specialist in regulatory affairs in the chemical and biotechnology industries in the USA, Europe and Japan.

I then trained in integrative psychotherapy, firstly at the University of Surrey then at Metanoia Institute, London. After accreditation with the UKCP, I studied at the Tavistock Clinic, London for an MA in Psychoanalytic Approaches to Organisations.

Over time I've worked in private practice and the public sector offering psychotherapy, supervision and consulting, as well as holding senior roles at the University of Surrey. When I left in 2011, I was Director of Wellbeing and Staff Development having established a thriving counselling Centre and latterly a Centre for Wellbeing, which was the first of its kind in a UK University. I now work in private practice in Oxford with an integrative approach covering a broad spectrum of modalities from individual psychotherapy, supervision and coaching to systemic work with groups and organisations.

 Away from work, I am a writer and artist with a particular interest in the landscape.