My interest in consultancy started some while ago whilst on a development programme with the Coverdale Organisation. That particular experience opened my eyes to the potential of groups to succeed in complex and pressured settings as well their innate capacity to self-destruct. Throughout my various careers, I've had the privilege of working with colleagues from a wide range of general and niche consultancies including Coverdale, Coopers Lybrand, Bath Consulting, Tavistock Consulting, Hay Group, Roffey Park and the University of Surrey.


My own career in consulting commenced with the Washington DC-based Jellinek, Schwarz and Connolly Inc, a specialist agrochemical and biotechnology consulting firm that specialised in regulatory and strategic consulting to multinational firms in the USA, Europe, and Japan. That followed on from a period with Oxford Consulting Group who specialised in leadership and management development programmes. After a period training at the Tavistock clinic, I established my own consultancy practice looking at all aspects of the organisational and institutional structure and wellbeing with a particular interest in the effects of change and culture.


I've worked across sectors, from higher education to local authority and multinational oil to niche research pharma. My particular interest is in organisational dynamics and culture and how that impacts both on personal and interpersonal growth as well as on strategy and operations. I've acted as both an external consultant as well as taking up internal consultancy roles in leadership and management development. As and when required I can draw on consultant colleagues with both general and specific consulting skills.


I'm interested in all aspects of consulting work from individual coaching and mentoring through the organisational dynamics of whole institutions.